sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Pat Metheny; Pelo caricaturista, John Fisher

   Pat Metheny 

      By John Fisher


       Pat Metheny was mentioned yesterday in this blog article, about his impressive DVD, "The      Orchestrion Project" work of unquestionable beauty. Following my friend and cartoonist John Fisher offers us this treat: A caricature of Pat Metheny, applications for my wife, Marcia Siqueira.

        Many Thanks, John!

A happy Saturday to the sound of Last Train Home by Pat Metheny :-)

Thanks to the brilliant english caricaturist  John Fisher, by granting its creation toillustrating posts on Pat Metheny. Thank you very mach, my friend John!
Você encontra mais do trabalho de John fisher em John Caricatures.
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Dra Márcia Cristina disse...


I'm super happy!
Congratulations John and Antonio.
Beautiful artistic work.
You guys have the gift,each in his own style.
kiss in the heart <3

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